Granular pricing and promotional insight for retailers, wholesalers and branded suppliers.

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“Our PriceCube Ireland tool enables brands to keep their finger on the pulse of retail pricing and promotional activity, quickly and easily. Updated weekly, it’s designed so key information is visible immediately on a platform which does not require technical expertise to use it.”
Ed Roberts, Managing Director, Talysis Ltd

PriceCube Ireland collates price and promotional data for 1,000s of product lines across the major Irish supermarket retailers*, including Tesco Ireland and Dunnes Stores. To develop even richer insights, it can also be integrated with sales data, internal field sales data, or any other data sources, such as weather/seasonal events.

  • SKU level pricing data gives you a clear understanding of your brand’s pricing across the market, and that of competitor products
  • Weekly frequency ensures timely understanding of market dynamics, enabling a faster reaction to minimise threats / capitalise on opportunities
  • A full view of promotional activity every week, plus the analysis to support channel, pricing and promotional strategies and ultimately drive revenue growth
  • Insight into 1000s of product lines across major supermarket retailers
  • For the first time, includes Dunnes Stores data
  • Access via an easy-to-use dynamic dashboard
  • Reduce physical store auditing
  • Can be customised to incorporate your own data

Try our FREE interactive demo here to see how you can benefit from PriceCube Ireland or contact us for a full demonstration of this exciting new tool.

PriceCube UK now launched – click here.


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