Talysis is launching sister business Data Revolution


Talysis is excited to share some major news. This week we are launching our sister business Data Revolution Ltd, which aims to provide businesses with a unique out-sourcing solution to the growing problem of being swamped by data.

Utilising specialist technology and a wealth of experience, Data Revolution’s team of experts will work in partnership with your organisation, taking your raw data from a multiple of sources and returning it in the form of user-friendly, actionable reports, tools and insights.

Each format is designed specifically to meet individual business needs – integrated, automated and specific – critically it will be simple to understand and use. The ultimate benefit for businesses being that you will no longer need to crunch the data yourselves, freeing your people up to focus on utilising the insights and the resulting commercial benefits.

Data Revolution is the brainchild of Talysis Founder Edward Roberts, a commercial data expert with over 20 years industry experience with businesses including Nestlé UK and Coca Cola Hellenic and Spar.

If you would like to find out more it would be great to connect here on Linked In, or visit us at www.data-revolution.com.