Talysis extend “Clever and Caring” Policy to Tackle Plastics


With the recent upsurge in publicity on the damage that plastics are causing in the world, Talysis have extended their “Clever and Caring” policy to include a Charter on the reduction in the use of plastics. “We’ve implemented some very simple steps, which all businesses could introduce, do to our bit in the fight against this very important environmental issue” said Ed Roberts, Managing Director. “Our Plastics Charter compliments our “Zero to landfill” ambition, which was adopted in 2017 and involved the removal of all land fill bins and the introduction of more recycling & composting bins across our business.”

Our Plastics Charter includes:

The removal of all bottled water coolers, which have been replaced with mains fed, filtered coolers throughout the office

The replacement of coffee pod machines with “bean to cup” machines, delivering great coffee without plastic pods.

The replacement of liquid handwash in washrooms & kitchens with bar soaps

Talysis have also ordered branded jute shopping bags, which they will share with their customers over coming weeks to reduce the reliance on plastic shopping bags.

“These simple, small changes may not appear to be much on their own but if each of us does our own “little” bit, we can collectively start to turn the tide and make a difference” commented Roberts. He urged “colleagues across the retail industry to consider what “little changes” they could make to make a difference too.”