UK Sugar Tax comes into force today, whilst Ireland is given an extra month to prepare for implementation!


Today is the day that the Sugar Tax becomes effective in the UK but in a last minute decision by
Ireland’s Department of Finance, the implementation date in Ireland has been postponed to 1 st May

Talysis has been supporting its clients understand the impact of the new tax through our unique analysis ability and reclassification of data and historical trends. Talysis have made significant investment into an additional level of data segmentation across relevant categories to determine which sugar-tax bracket each product falls in to (taking in to account reformulations), helping our clients fully understand the sales history & trends of the different tax bands and the likely impact of the new tax. With time running out to pre-empt the immediate impact, contact us today, for support in understanding the sugar tax trends or for further analysis on its potential impact on the sales & pricing of your brands and products.