18 Apr 2018

Ruff day at work? Maybe you need to “Paws for thought”

  A number of studies have been published recently, stating the benefits associated with people bringing their pets to work, including increased team cohesion, exercise & energy levels and a decrease in stress levels. As a part of our ‘Clever and Caring’ policy, Talysis now allow and encourage staff to bring their dogs to work, […]

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06 Apr 2018

UK Sugar Tax comes into force today, whilst Ireland is given an extra month to prepare for implementation!

Today is the day that the Sugar Tax becomes effective in the UK but in a last minute decision by Ireland’s Department of Finance, the implementation date in Ireland has been postponed to 1 st May 2018! Talysis has been supporting its clients understand the impact of the new tax through our unique analysis ability […]

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27 Mar 2018

A Double Milestone Year!

In the year in which Talysis celebrate a decade of delivering data driven solutions, we also celebrate 5 years of outstanding contribution and service from General Manager, Matthew Liddle! Matthew continues to operate with unrivalled passion and enthusiasm and on behalf of all his colleagues & clients at Talysis, we would like to thank Matthew […]

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26 Jan 2018

Talysis extend “Clever and Caring” Policy to Tackle Plastics

With the recent upsurge in publicity on the damage that plastics are causing in the world, Talysis have extended their “Clever and Caring” policy to include a Charter on the reduction in the use of plastics. “We’ve implemented some very simple steps, which all businesses could introduce, do to our bit in the fight against […]

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30 Nov 2015

Talysis win ECR Category Management Award

Talysis scooped the ECR Category Management Award 2015 for “The Evolution of Shopper Research: Hunter/Gatherer to Hunter Gathering” Pictured is Barry Carty (BWG Foods) presenting the award to Ed Roberts (Talysis). Full coverage can be found here

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