Ruff day at work? Maybe you need to “Paws for thought”



A number of studies have been published recently, stating the benefits associated with people bringing their pets to work, including increased team cohesion, exercise & energy levels and a decrease in stress levels.

As a part of our ‘Clever and Caring’ policy, Talysis now allow and encourage staff to bring their dogs to work, with the result being not only that we reap the rewards of the recent studies, but also that our pet owning colleagues no longer fret about having to leave their pet home alone all day (or wanting to get home as soon as they possibly can at the end of the day), which increases productivity.

Last Friday, as part of our monthly team building activities, which include a variety of different activities in and out of the office, the Talysis team accompanied by a selection of our four legged colleagues, em”bark”ed on an afternoon walk, exploring Yorkshire’s famed golden triangle. Letting ourselves “off the leash” for the afternoon and allowing us to take a “paws” from our busy schedules, we were able to explore some of Yorkshires finest countryside, which is just a “bone’s throw” away from our new office.