Meet the team

Steve Randall

A keen swimmer, pianist and chef, Steve enjoys great company and even better food & wine. His penchant for entertaining is rivalled only by his fancy dress box!

Ed Roberts

Loves everything outdoors and spending time with his son Jack & their spaniels. In the summer he can often be spotted lycra clad on his bike (not a pretty sight).

Mike Lawrenson

An Economics graduate and a thorough analyst, Mike likes nothing more than getting stuck into a new challenge. A very witty and charming young man makes him a real asset to have in any team. He is modest too (he wrote this himself).

Matthew Liddle

Keen and enthusiastic, Matthew is never happier than when faced with a new technical challenge or formula. He’s a keen snow boarder but never slips up!

Dennis Scott

With his endless supply of jokes, he’s always great company (despite how many times you’ve heard them). A distinguished gentleman, granddad and lifelong spurs supporter, Dennis has the unique ability to share his passion for space planning & retailing with anyone who’ll listen.

John McLaughlin

Enjoys his golf & travelling; sometimes he’s even around long enough to do some work! Thankfully when it comes to work “Quality” is John’s forte and only “Perfect” will do!

Steve Phillips

With a hidden talent for painting and being the encyclopaedia of everything musical, Steve is the dark horse of Talysis. Many of his hand-painted watercolours are on display at York House and he’s a great asset to any quiz team!